Friday, October 8, 2010


Some of things I’ve learned from blogging…  What is blogging?

Blogging is an art.  You have to have time and passion for it.  The more time and passion you have for whatever you’re blogging about, the better your blog will be.  I love having a fabulous outlet for sharing pictures, fashion likes / dislikes, chatting with amazing fashionistas…, and I always wish I had more time / energy to put into it, but for now, I’m enjoying it and giving it what I’m able to!

Blogging is a teacher.  I’ve learned so much about my style by looking back on what I’ve worn!  I’ve learned what works well on my body type, what colors are flattering, what items I enjoy wearing and wear most often. 

Blogging will open doors.  I’ve had some great opportunities to work with businesses in sampling clothing and beauty products, to meet wonderful people interested in like activities, and to get involved in the community.  Whatever your interest, you can find a blog with information on it!

Blogging can be scary.  When blogging, not only do you put yourself out there for people to view & critique, but you’re also putting information out there on your personal life – be careful!!  Keep things generic and be cautious of who you interact with.

Blogging is fun!  It shouldn’t feel like work!  If you enjoy what you’re blogging about, people will take notice and will come back time and time again.

What does blogging mean to you?