Monday, October 18, 2010

My suit rules


I got all gussied up today and put on a suit!  I actually have a ton of suits and separates, but I for some reason I hardly wear them of late.  I might, however, start to wear them more often since I really enjoyed feeling so professional today.  I know… I pretty much always dress in professional attire, but there’s just something empowering about putting on a suit.

My suit rules:

  1. Must be a perfect fit.  Should sit close to the body, provide structure, and flatter figure without being too tight or revealing.
  2. I always look for fun details in a suit, like stitching, buckles, bows, studs – whatever catches your eye. 
  3. Make sure the suit is a quality piece of clothing - good fabric / cut / etc…
  4. Add accessories to showcase personality.  Funky shoes and a bold necklace do the trick for me.

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