Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vest Options (part 2)

Back in 2008, I did a post on my Antonio Melan vest and some various ways I’ve worn it.  It is clearly time for an update!

DSCF4124 52

1 easy way to wear a vest for work and/or happy hour dining with friends, is to layer it over a pretty blouse or dress.  Adding bright color accents is also a great way to add interest and “that special something” to a look.


If you’re looking for something a little different, try a trendy fur or zip up vest.  Another option is to search for a vintage “old man” vest.


Basic black and white is always classic and chic.


For a funky mix to weekend looks, add a vest with leggings or jeans and a tee.


Color love!  Professional or going out, a colored vest is a great layering option and also adds some good warmth.

 DSCF4184 54

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wild Child

Pants: Younique.  Boyfriend Beater Tank: Target ??  Heech Wedges: Nine West.DSCF4544

Not the normal look for me, but it felt so fabulous!  This is more of what I wear around the house – tank tops and comfy pants or shorts (minus the heels…)

Nope, I did not do my hair – unless you call flipping my head upside down for 20 seconds with a blow-dryer hairstyling…  And nope, the make-up was hardly there either. 

I was meeting a friend of mine for Sunday brunch and final-day-of-the-weekend sales shopping, and just went natural – with the addition of fabulous shoes of course.

What a difference shoes make!  Sometimes they’re all you need to pull an outfit together.

Tread Carefully


Cropped Jacket: INC.  Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger.  Silk Blouse: George.  Shoes: Unisa. 

DSCF4507 DSCF4505   

My latest casual Friday look.  I love light silky tops during the summer – they just feel so good and also look fresh and summer-y.  Add a cropped jacket for a little edge (and too keep me warm!) and I’m set for the day.

As training for the upcoming 5K, I’ve been running during my lunch hour and in the evenings.  This hour becomes a great escape from the daily routine and I’m actually enjoying it.  I have to remember to be careful with my heels though… these wedges actually hurt my right ankle, and I’ve had to walk really light on it these last few days.  Ah, the things we do for fashion.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

2010 fashions – are you into it?

Whether a fashionista or not, there will always be fashion trends that pass through our wardrobes.  However, loving fashion doesn’t require loving trends, so I ask the question – are you into it?

Here are some of msn's most fashionable trends as well as a few of my own -

Trend 1: the glitzy tank


Londyn’s Verdict: into it!  I have a couple glitzy tunics and would lurve a glitzy dress.

Trend 2: dark & neon nail polish


Londyn’s Verdict: kind of into it…  I tend to like this more on other people than myself.  I tried black and bright blue once… never again!  I do, however, love dark plum, gray, and bright pinks at the moment.

Trend 3: wavy natural hair


Londyn’s Verdict: very into it!!! 

Trend 4: chunky jewelry

20 181060_3019_gmd323x335

Londyn’s Verdict: into it!  I just purchased the above necklace  :)

Trend 5: print jersey dress


Londyn’s Verdict: Always have loved it; always will love it.

Trend 6: the easy blazer

 7 A56AACD2D961D0AE15E3FEA88C52A1

Londyn’s Verdict: not in love with it.  It’s not that I don’t like the concept, I actually really like the easy blazer if and when you have to wear a blazer – but honestly I’d just rather do without a blazer the majority of the time and opt for a cute cardigan instead.

Trend 7: the utility jacket


Londyn’s Verdict: I dig it – as long as it’s not too slouchy.

Trend 8: one shoulder


Londyn’s Verdict: into it.

Trend 9: the spicy palette


Londyn’s Verdict: not into it; just does not work for me.

Trend 10: flat gladiator sandal


Londyn’s Verdict: comfy cuteness, yep, I’m into it.

Trend 11: the wedge

24 208277_700_ss_01

Londyn’s Verdict: painful cuteness, yep, I’m into that too…

Trend 12: boyfriend jeans


Londyn’s Verdict: not into it.

Trend 13: underwear as outerwear

Rihanna-in-Granny-Panties lady-gaga-in-granny-panties

Londyn’s Verdict: not into it; I’ll leave that trend to the stars.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tie it!


I love tie tops!  I think they remind me of ruffles… or something… Tie tops are just fun to me and always seem to add that special little touch of interest.  Plus they’re great for layering!

DSCF4493 - Copy

Dress: Worthington.  Tie Top: Forever XXI.  Shoes: Nine West.  Bracelet: Lia Sophia.


Some other tie tops of mine:

tt3  tt5 S6304955

S6304783 tt4 tt6

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Picnic in the heat


Oh the blessed Cincinnati heat and humidity…  did I also mention the sporadic rain?  Well, the weather may not have been perfect, but I’ll never complain about a day I get to spend off work and eating food!

I actually contemplated the night before on what I would wear (a rare thing!) for this occasion.  Since it was a work outing and I still had to be in the office in the morning, I didn’t want to be too overly casual (shorts & tee…) – but I also wanted to be in something more casual and comfortable than my normal business attire.  With the exception of my dress not being conducive to rain (then again not many fabrics are…), the summer dress and bejeweled flats ended up being a perfect choice.

72 - Copy

Dress: BCBG.  Necklace: Macy’s.  Ring: Forever XXI.  Shoes: Steve Madden.  Purse: Payless.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Turquoise Whimsy


Olive Blazer: DKNY.  Red Ruffle Tee: INC.  Jeans: Express.  Shoes: Baby Phat.  Necklace: Vintage Flea Market.


The red, olive, leopard was a natural mix for me, so I stretched myself a bit and added the turquoise!  Yes, a very small stretch, but even a little extra piece of whimsy a day is a good thing  :)