Monday, May 31, 2010

Enjoying the Weekend


Print Tank: Deb. Skirt: GoJane.  Shoes: Steve Madden.

In the last few years, I’ve started to invest a bit more in higher quality wardrobe items, but I still go for the affordable when purchasing trendy items such as this cotton blue leopard print top.  I got it for only $15 at Deb!


The green skirt was also a steal-of-a-deal purchase for less than $20!

In my last post, I said I felt like escaping, and even though I didn’t technically get away, I was able to embrace my long weekend and make it feel a bit like a vacation.

I spent a lot of time outside, went biking at the Loveland bike trail, started reading a new book, slept in, cooked a ton and ate a lot, visited with family, had a girls’ night, and went to Taste of Cincinnati.

Now, if only every weekend was a 3 day weekend, then I’d really be spoiled!  Either way, I’m enjoying what I get – and I hope you are too.  Happy weekend!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Almost Weekend

DSCF4342Happy happy Friday!  I’m feeling the need to escape lately – and while I’m not really sure how to manage that in everyday life – I am glad it’s the weekend, and I do hope to find just a bit of escape in the next few days.

Tonight is Sex & the City!  Tomorrow, who knows..?

I was planning on really getting glam-ed up for girl’s night, but changed my mind last minute & decided to be more comfortable and just wear what I wore to work.  I think it was still fun enough for a girls’ dinner & movie night!








Top & Skirt: INC.  Necklace: Macy’s.  Shoes: Nine West.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Call of the Sea


Silk Top & Cardigan: Chadwicks. Capris: NY & Co.  Sandals: 9 west 


I love this blue / green color because it reminds me of the sea, being on vacation, and walking with my feet in the sand.  Unfortunately, I’m really at work – but at least I can drift to other places in my mind!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Detail Love

DSCF4353  DSCF4355

Skirt: Chadwicks.  Shoes: Steven.  Lace Top: Newport News.

I was going to mix this skirt with a turquoise top, but I just couldn’t find the right one to make it work – so instead I went to good old basic black.

Even when I wear basic colors or structures, I like to have some kind of special interest in each clothing item without overloading or looking like I’m trying too hard.

My Details Today

  1. Top = lace
  2. Skirt = pattern
  3. Shoes = texture & color

Tuesday, May 25, 2010



Black silk ruffle bow top: Chadwicks.  Cropped slacks: Express.  Shoes: Nine West.  Bracelet: Macy’s.  Bag: DSW.


One of the reasons I don’t wear pants as often as skirts and dresses is that they always lose their shape and end up saggy by the end of the day.  As random as it seems, these are the only pants that truly keep their shape on me.  Yes, they are my nice-ass pants (no I did not take a picture to show you..!).  If I could find more pants that actually fit me like this and kept as flattering silhouette, you might actually see me wear them more!  In the meantime, I’m sure I’ll be back to a skirt or dress again soon…

Monday, May 24, 2010

A little sugar goes a long way

DSCF4333Polka Dot Dress: Worthington.  Belt: gift.  Bracelet: Forever XXI.  Shoes: Jessica Simpson. 

I’m feeling sweet in my sweetheart neckline dress.  The little polka dots on the dress and matching shoes are kinda sweet too…  Good thing I was able to get some spicy Thai food for dinner tonight or I might have had a sugar overload!




Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Party Dresses

I had a ton of stuff going on this weekend!  From birthdays and parties to plays and working.  I didn’t get pics for all my busy weekend outfits, but I did get a few.  Ironically, even with all of the very different outfits – I wore all Steve Madden shoes!

DSCF4310Party Night

Purple Dress/ Tunic: JC Penny’s.  Belt: Forever XXI.  Leggings: Forever XXI.  Boots: Madden Girl.


80’s Night

Dress: thrift borrowed from Kasmira.  Necklace: Lia Sophia.  Tights: Simply Vera.  Shoes: Steve Madden.








Working @ a Wedding

Dress: Taylor. Fishnets: ?  Shoes: Steve Madden.







To me, one of the most important things when choosing an outfit is making sure it’s appropriate for the event. 

I think about what I’ll be doing, where I’m going, who will be there, etc…  These thing play in to even the most basic choices (length of skirt, height of heel, etc..).

As you can see, each of my events this weekend called for very different attire!

Belt It! and… Mix It!

Ruffle Top: INC.  Jacket: Forever XXI.  Belt: Love Couture.  Jeans: NY & Co.  Shoes: Nine West. 


You all probably know by know that I love me some belts!  They help show off curves and accent the waistline so well, that I just can’t do without them.

Belts typically don’t work as well with t-shirt material tops, but work great with blousy / cotton type tops.  I wear them whenever I have looser top that may otherwise make me look “boxy” - but with a belt creates a much more figure flattering silhouette.

See an older post of mine for more tips on Belts – How to Wear!

I also love pairing the little bit edgy with the little bit feminine, so the motorcycle jacket with the ruffles felt like a perfect fit for me.  The jacket was a recent gift (ok – really stolen from my mom b/c it was just barely too small for her, but same difference, right?) and I am LOVING it as well  :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

LBD w/ Red


Dress: Laura Clement.  Black/White pattern top: Express.  Necklace: Forever XXI.  Shoes: Stuart Weitzman.

I love a little black dress because it’s so easy to dress up or down / wear for business or wear for work… etc…

I always like to pair classic pieces with:

1. A statement jewelry piece (necklace)

2. Some kind of pattern (top)

3. A pop of color (shoes!)


Other essentials for a perfectly put together look are always the purse and the jacket.  Today I wore a red / white checked trench (apt 9) with a black Gucci purse (thrifted).


DSCF4311 DSCF4313 DSCF4315

Thursday, May 20, 2010


DSCF4307DSCF4304 DSCF4312 DSCF4314 

Suit: NY & Co.  Red Top: INC.  Jewelry: ??

I’m typically not all about the match-match, but I’m trying it out.  I love this suit jacket with the matching skirt because the color is broken up more with the leg / shoe vs. with pants it truly is all over gray!  It’s a bit of a gray day, so I guess I’m matching the weather as well.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh so basic…


Layered top: Chadwicks.  Pants: NY & Co.  Watch: Guess.  Boots: Aldo. 

Not much to say about this look b/c it is so very basic business, but it worked and I am keeping my promise of sharing all outfit pics (not just the fashionista ones), so here it is!

It’s fabulous to be a fashionista most of the time, but I still say there are some days when you can’t beat a crisp white top and a pop of red to feel all-business.  Watch out world – here I come!






Detail shot of the sweater fabric –- Can you see the pretty pattern on the neckline??


Whoo hoo – more pics from the Cincinnati LOL Savings Summit!  Click here!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One more khaki round-up

I just realized this look is somewhat similar to my last khaki dress post, only – this look is professional work appropriate!


Vest: Express.  White Tee: INC.  Skirt: Moda Int’l.  Blazer: H&M.  Shoes: Guess.

DSCF4300   DSCF4306 DSCF4304


Uber amounts of pictures today… I’m not sure why… guess I was just picture-happy this morning.  Well, for those of you who love detail shots – here ya go!




I originally wanted to stay matchy-matchy with this look, but it ended up just a bit too one-tone for me.  So, to mix it up I brought in the bright pop of color with the blazer.  It finished off the look and allowed me to be colorful or not depending on my mood.

Monday, May 17, 2010

One Dress, So Many Ways..



I’m wearing my Feeling Khaki H&M dress again! (Shoes: Charlotte Russe)

This weekend I had the pleasure of working with Kasmira from What I Wore Today and Amy from Cinci Chic in a Cincinnati Locals On Living Savings Summit event!  It was a ton of fun and I got to meet a lot of great people who are interested in the same things – fashion for less, health, and good food!

I helped out by remixing this basic shirt dress 3 different ways – what better way to find savings than to mix up what you already have (instead of buying something else!)?  Yes, I do have a lot of clothes, but people probably think I have more than I do because I actually do use this remixing trick so often!



Below are the 3 ways I remixed this dress for the event.  Please be gentle – these shots were taken for demo only at about 7am on a Saturday morning; no, I had not showered yet, and no, I had no make up.

Remix #1: Color Change Up


Remix #2: Layering


Remix #3: Dressy


I tried on some other outfits before deciding on the above 3 looks.  I chose the above because they worked with Kasmira’s themes and were easy enough to change into and get back on stage in under 2 minutes, but I liked some of the other remix practice-outfits as well!  Here’s a quick look at some of the other versions I tried:

DSCF4081 DSCF4195 fdjkl;DSCF4083 DSCF4090 DSCF4089 DSCF4087

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ruffle Love



Pink polka dot cardigan: Target.  Ruffle top: Macy’s.  Jeans: NY & Co.  Shoes: Newport News. 


I love that ruffles are still “in” this season, but really – I’d wear them whether they were or not. 


The good on ruffles:

1. If your smaller on top, ruffles can balance out your frame and bring symmetry to your figure.

2. Ruffles are an easy way to bring visual interest to an otherwise basic outfit.

3. Ruffles can fit almost any personality – they can be big and bold, or delicate and dainty.  Choose the ruffle style that works best for you!

4. Ruffled items are everywhere now, so they’re easy to find if you want to purchase.  If you’re trying ruffles for the first time, try Forever 21, H&M,, or Delias for affordable ruffle experiments.

The bad on ruffles:

1. Be wary of where you wear them on your body, because ruffles add bulk.  If you are looking to slim your hips, or camouflage broad shoulders – those are not the places to add ruffles.

2. Just like any bold pattern or color, ruffles can overwhelm. Remember when you look in the mirror – your should first see YOU, not your clothes.  If all you see is ruffles, you probably need to scale down.

3. They are a trend, so they won’t be around forever.  I suggest spending less on trendy items and more on staple items, so look for affordable ruffle options vs. spending high dollar for something that may not be in style next season. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Back to Business


Top: Express.  Skirt: Forever XXI.  Boots: Madden Girl.  Necklace: thrift.

I’m feeling much better today thankfully!  It’s warm out but threatening thunderstorms, so I’m wearing my comfy buckle boots just to ensure my tootsies stay nice and dry.