Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ruffle Love



Pink polka dot cardigan: Target.  Ruffle top: Macy’s.  Jeans: NY & Co.  Shoes: Newport News. 


I love that ruffles are still “in” this season, but really – I’d wear them whether they were or not. 


The good on ruffles:

1. If your smaller on top, ruffles can balance out your frame and bring symmetry to your figure.

2. Ruffles are an easy way to bring visual interest to an otherwise basic outfit.

3. Ruffles can fit almost any personality – they can be big and bold, or delicate and dainty.  Choose the ruffle style that works best for you!

4. Ruffled items are everywhere now, so they’re easy to find if you want to purchase.  If you’re trying ruffles for the first time, try Forever 21, H&M,, or Delias for affordable ruffle experiments.

The bad on ruffles:

1. Be wary of where you wear them on your body, because ruffles add bulk.  If you are looking to slim your hips, or camouflage broad shoulders – those are not the places to add ruffles.

2. Just like any bold pattern or color, ruffles can overwhelm. Remember when you look in the mirror – your should first see YOU, not your clothes.  If all you see is ruffles, you probably need to scale down.

3. They are a trend, so they won’t be around forever.  I suggest spending less on trendy items and more on staple items, so look for affordable ruffle options vs. spending high dollar for something that may not be in style next season.