Sunday, June 6, 2010

Inside my dressing room

I have some events coming up this summer and I’ve been sniffing around for some new dresses for the occasions. 

I’ve also been considering rent the runway and found a FABULOUS dress on their site, but then I figure – what if it doesn’t fit?  what if it just doesn’t look as good as I thought it would?  and of course 1 big consideration – at the end of the day I’d be paying my hard earned $$ to wear a dress 1 time and send it right back…

So – while I’m considering RTR, I’m also browsing dress sales.  The 3 below are ones I tried at TJ Maxx, and I am letting you in the dressing room with me to see how it went!


I love the unique sexiness of the black cutout dress and could wear it for fancy girls nights out and my boyfriend’s upcoming 30th birthday (don’t tell him I told you… hope he doesn’t read this!).

The second pic of the blue dress didn’t really do the outfit justice.  The silhouette of the dress is beautiful and the color is eye-catching.  This one I’m considering wearing to a wedding.

The final grey dress was a no for me simply because it just didn’t fit.  It was much too big and there were no other sizes available, so I had to say farewell to it.  I did really love the sparkle trim and the “come hither” back though.

Do you have a favorite?  Do you agree with the choice of dress for the different events?  If anyone has used rent the runway before, I’d be interested to hear how that went as well.