Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wild Child

Pants: Younique.  Boyfriend Beater Tank: Target ??  Heech Wedges: Nine West.DSCF4544

Not the normal look for me, but it felt so fabulous!  This is more of what I wear around the house – tank tops and comfy pants or shorts (minus the heels…)

Nope, I did not do my hair – unless you call flipping my head upside down for 20 seconds with a blow-dryer hairstyling…  And nope, the make-up was hardly there either. 

I was meeting a friend of mine for Sunday brunch and final-day-of-the-weekend sales shopping, and just went natural – with the addition of fabulous shoes of course.

What a difference shoes make!  Sometimes they’re all you need to pull an outfit together.