Monday, June 14, 2010

How much is a pink Cadillac anyway?


Black lace top: Newport News.  Purple wrap: Express.  Jean skirt: INC.  Silver cuff: Forever XXI.  Wedges: Steve Madden.

With my sexy stacked wedge, I decided it was appropriate to cover up a bit more on top.  An easy way to add coverage to a low cut shirt is to add a sheer or lace undershirt.  Wa-la!  Transformation complete.

After work, a friend and I went to a Mary Kay party where we were forced (ok, not really…) to take off all our makeup (what was left of it after a long day at work…) and get all made up again using Mary Kay products.  Aside from the naked face in public thing, it was pretty fun and I purchased a few products that I hope will last me a while.  Has anyone ever noticed that “maintaining” yourself is quite expensive?!?

Well – enough ramblings for the night.  Until tomorrow~  L