Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Favorites

As we near the end of the year, I always like to look back through my “fashion diary” and find my favorite outfits for the year.  I was thinking I may even print them out and post the pics in my closet for inspiration (ps. updated closet post coming next!!). 

It was only after I downloaded the pics in this post that I realized all my fave looks were all skirts / dresses / or tunics.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised… I’m just not a pants type of gal!

DSCF5186 5 31 33  84 9356 21 4 10 14 15 17 20 fds DSCF4556 DSCF4579 DSCF4256 35 41 82 DSCF4099 DSCF4124 

I think these 3 were from the year before, but still some of my faves!

96 10 36