Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What makes me happy

Red Dress: Ann Taylor LOFT.  Sparkle Shoes: Nine West.

DSCF5473DSCF5469 DSCF5475


This is another date night pic from our lovely stay-cation and the man actually allowed me to post a picture of him too!!  Isn’t he dashing?  (gush)  :)

This red dress was a labor of love.  I spied on it and tried it on 4 times before purchasing.  Initially it was about $170, then it was on sale for $90 range, then $50 when I actually purchased it (if I remember correctly it was only $50 b/c I got a coupon via advertising).  While I love holding out and getting items on sale, often that luck doesn’t happen. 

If you know you have to have something – then I say spend the $$ – but if you can afford to give or take, then hold out and you may find a fabulous deal!  Another tip to finding deals is to know the store.  Is it a store that often has sales or coupons?  Is it a store that only holds a few sizes of each item in stock and easily gets picked over?  etc… this will ensure you shop (and save!) wisely.

Nine West shoes found on discount @ TJ Maxx.

If you couldn’t tell, sales (& my man!) make me happy  :)