Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wild Inspiration


A few weekends ago, the man and I took a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo.  I always notice what a great link to fashion there is in just about anything, so I thought I’d show you a glimpse into a few of my inspirations…


An elephant may not seem to many an obvious fashionista inspiration, but gray is all the rage this season and I love some womanly curves!

10  84206705-thumb-429x625 

Flowers are an easy inspiration for any kind of ruffles, detailing, or interesting color combinations.

3   flower

SJP, Queen of all fashionistas, may have looked to a beautiful lioness for her bold fur choice.  Grrr!

5 fur

Leopard will forever be a sexy staple print.  Feel the fierceness!


Peacock blue – need I say more??

7shoes blue

A monkey suit…!  Kasper has some classics.

9 P11103876 

I’m not sure what exactly inspired our fashion on this trip, but we were definitely feeling stripes and color!