Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hidden Treasures


Blazer: Kohl’s.  Jeans: Express.  Shoes: Report.  Blue Detailed Tee: NY & Co. 

I really never get to wear my fun heels enough!  I have so many of them that I love, but they just sit in my closet wasting away   :(

My first hope in getting to wear my fashionista shoes more often is to hopefully start going out more.  I become somewhat of a hermit during the winter months, so now that it is warm again I can get out and give some much needed light to my closet-bound heels.

Another reason I don’t wear them as often as I like is that I just can’t get away with them at work because they are either inappropriate or would just be too damn uncomfortable!  On jeans days, however – I can sometimes hide a little something special underneath (as long as I’m not planning on walking a marathon that day…)!  Peek-a-boo sexy shoe!  LOL…