Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Copy Cat


Green top: Kohls.  Belt: Macy’s.  Skirt: Deb (I think).  Pumps: Chinese Laundry.  Bracelet and Necklace: Forever XXI.

I love taking inspiration from my fellow bloggers because there are SO many phenomenally fabulous fashionistas out there!!  It’s even more fun for me when I can take inspiration from a fashionista I know! 


I would probably call this look more stolen or shamelessly copied than inspired by…  the one and only Bad Ass Kasmira.

Green top – check!  Black belt – check!  Black & white skirt – check!  Bracelet – check!  Pink pumps – check! 

To all you fashionistas out there – keep doing what you do!  You may see me copy you from time to time, and I hope I can return the inspiration favor too   :)