Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Running with Ruffles


Top: Wassimo (Target).  Cream under-cami: JC Penny’s.  Skirt: Express.  Belt: ?. Tights: Kohl’s.  Booties: Steven.

Running late today – first day back to work after a couple days off, and I had an 8am dentist appointment too! – So, I only had time for 1 pic before mad dashing out the door.  And here it is!

I’ll be interviewing some people today, so I figure either black pants or a black skirt is always a perfect staple for that situation.  I also wanted to keep it light and not too intimidating, so I added the fun booties and (of course) a bright pop of color.

Initially, I couldn’t decide what to do with this top, but I ended up liking the look of the sheer fabric over the skirt and belt, so I just went more casual and left it loose.  No time for jewelry today except a simple right hand diamond ring.  I figure the ruffles can be my necklace.