Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bubble Gum Bright

DSCF5060 DSCF5056 


Weather has been gorgeous in Cincinnati these last few days so I kept with bright sunny colors as I pick out my outfit this morning.  The colors in this necklace remind me of candy and bubble gum  :) 

Even with my happy colors - I admit, I get really frustrated as I make the drive into work each day.  I really don’t like the long congested commute downtown, BUT… now and then I do remember the perks – fun restaurants in walking distance for after work happy hours, walking around town during lunch hour every now and then, looking out my window at the sunshine, city, the river, and pretty boats, and finally – random Cincinnati pigs!

2010-07-14 12.54.09_Newport_Kentucky_US2010-07-14 13.15.49_Cincinnati_Ohio_US 

2010-07-14 13.11.32_Cincinnati_Ohio_US