Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crisp White Top – what does it mean to you?

 Top: NY & Co.  Necklace: Chadwicks.  Skirt: Dillards.  Shoes: ana bonilla.


I participated in a health screening today that checked cholesterol, sugar levels, body mass index, body fat, etc…

I got my results and guess what?  I’m still kicking & all checked out good :)

however… I will admit that I loathe needles and get serious stomach flips whenever I see blood.  Thank goodness it’s over!

Ironic that I had a health screening today as I was wearing a crisp white top which always reminds me of hospital uniforms & going to the doctor.  These tops also remind me of a relaxing weekend morning walking around in my man’s shirt… which is a much more fun and sexy thought to have on the mind.  Yes, I’ll stick with that.