Monday, September 27, 2010

Webbed Snakeskin Shoes!

Ruffle Dress: WD NY.  Cropped Sweater: Old Navy.  Shoes: MIA girl.  Belt: Love Couture.  Bracelets: Charming Charlie.

DSCF5230 DSCF5225 




I continue my “detail love” as normal.  At first glance this look may be just a dress and a sweater, but at second glance you hopefully notice the colorful blue, silver, and green bracelets, the contrast of the gray belt against the black ruffles, and the snakeskin “web” detailing of the shoes. 

I adore these shoes.  I think they’re really fun for work because the heel is not too high / skinny, yet they have such fun detail and uniqueness to them.

As luck would have it, I got caught in the rain for a short while - thus, my shoes were caught in the rain - but thankfully they remained unharmed and will live to be worn another day (many days!).