Thursday, August 12, 2010

Clothing that lasts

Salmon Key-Hole Top: Mosaic.  Skirt: Mossimo.  Polka Dot Ruffle Peep Toes: Fioni.  Blazer: Kenneth Cole.  Earrings: Anne Klein.


I’ve had this top forever, but haven’t worn it in ages.  Some people swap out their closets all the time, but I’m definitely not one of those people.  True – I add a lot and do swap out things that don’t fit, don’t flatter, or are seriously out of style, but for the most part I really do keep the majority of my wardrobe for numerous years.

Ability to do this depends on a few things -- keeping clothing in good condition, and purchasing items that fit well and are good quality. (I have my trendy, not as quality pieces too, but I don’t expect them to last that long…)

If you do this, then you can continue to make use of older pieces by mixing those clothing items with newer purchases.

Tips for keeping clothing in good condition:

  1. Invest in quality hangers
  2. Hand wash and dry clean as directed. No cheating!
  3. Use gentle quality detergent and oxyclean or bleach for fighting stains.
  4. Store clothing in an area that is free of damaging elements such as smoke, dog hair, cat claws, etc…