Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fabulous gift from fabulous friends

Black 3/4 sleeve blazer: Carabella.  Sheer blouse: vintage thrift.  Belt: gifted.  Pants: Ann Taylor Loft.  Shoes: Enzo Angiolini.

DSCF4936 DSCF4938

I can’t believe I actually had a smile on my face this morning, but I did, and there it is!  This was my Monday morning face-the-music outfit after a crazy weekend of work issues.  Thankfully, everything turned out and the issue was resolved.  I’m so lucky to have supportive people in my life, and I definitely think this cinches it that next year my birthday will be disaster-free!

This silver leaf belt was a birthday gift to me from my fabulous friend Rachel.  I love it!  Clearly, she gets my style as this belt is quite similar to my other favorite belt gifted to me by another fabulous fashionista friend, Kasmira!

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