Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Weekend basics

DAY 1: Going on a weekend day trip to northern Ohio to visit some of my boyfriend’s family.  I knew I wanted to be comfortable for the car ride, so a basic cotton dress did the trick.  No stilettos or corset style belts today!  I played around with the accessories (feather earrings or Indian style necklace? / wedges or flats?), but essentially the look was the same.

DSCF4864 DSCF4866

DAY 2: My boyfriend and I are trying (key word) to golf.  We’re taking lessons next month, but in the meantime we did a little studying on it (thank you google!) and have been going to the driving range once a week.  Last week was our first week and it was HILARIOUS!  I was seriously on the ground laughing at one point.  This week we did much better and although we still had some crazy moments, we are slowly improving.

DSCF4868 DSCF4871




I totally felt like Sex & the City’s Charlotte with my pearl earrings, golf skirt and headband scarf!