Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Really Casual Friday

DSCF4911 DSCF4916

Casual Friday at work for me typically still means something like a blazer or blouse and often still a skirt and heels.

However – this past Friday I just wanted to be comfortable, so while I still endured through fabulous pink heels – I went with a much more casual than normal tee.


I’m currently quite in love with the bedazzled tees I’m seeing in stores.

Do you remember the original bedazzler?  They still have them @ places like JoAnne Fabric!!


And, while I’m completely impressed by those who are more creative than I am in adding to their own clothing items – I find it much more accommodating to simply have the designer do it for me.

Check out these looks from Anne Taylor Loft:

ATL ATL2 FirstFrame