Monday, August 9, 2010

Satin, Lace, and Scarves


Scarf: H&M.  Blue top: ?  Lace top: Newport News.  Gray Skirt: apt 9.  Shoes: Sam and Libby.

sam and libby I love scarves, but hardly ever wear them in the summer because it’s just too damn hot!  That said, my office is always freezing and so is the bus that I take from my car to my office building.  I figured that gave me as good an excuse as any to make this scarf a summer attire item.

Another fun item rarely worn are my satin flower “dancing shoes”.  They are pretty delicate, so I always worry about them getting ruined.  Today I told myself that I need to relax and enjoy them!

My last special item of the day was my lace undershirt.  I adore the light pink lace look, but it’s a pain to get on and button in the back.  It’s also not the most comfortable thing, and I am all about being at ease.  I sucked it up today and just enjoyed it for what it was (a bit uncomfortable top that I still adore).